Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ikea Kitchen: Installing your kitchen

Installing Ikea cabinets is probably a bit easier then buying them :oP. They even come with a handy DVD showing a family with a small child, baby and dog assembling/installing them together as some sort of strange rainy day activity.

Assembling the boxes is significantly easier than assembling regular Ikea furniture. We got 4 boxes assembled at a leisurely pace in about 1.5 hours. The next day we took about 2 hours to hang these four and the one last upper on the wall. We waited to assemble the last cupboard because were weren't sure if it would be 12 or 15 inches. Ikea cabinets come with a rail mounting
scheme for the upper cabinets. This makes mounting the cabinets very easy (you just have to be very careful in leveling the rod and then from there it's a pretty simple task).

Base cupboards took a little longer to build because they had drawer hardware (which is much easier to install while assembling the cabinet). The base cabinets get mounted with a ledger board along the wall.

The doors all went on pretty easily too. The blum hinges just snap together and with some slight adjustments you have nice level working doors. Given that one of us is a very big perfectionist we were a bit worried that installing the cabinets would make us a little crazy, but really it went as smooth as it could (minus some unsquare walls etc). After about 2 days worth of labour this is where we're at with the kitchen. We still have to rip some filler pieces and put them in, but it's really starting to come together.


Katie said...

good to know about the mounting bracket for the upper cabinets, i didn't realize that. someday i will hopefully be installing an ikea kitchen... i just need to save some $$ for it first :-)

what style of cabinet/door did you use?

techhandyman said...

We used the Adel white doors on the Akurum cabinets, we are really happy with the way it looks. We weren't sure if it would look right but then I saw it in our neighbors open house and I had to open the drawer to tell it was an Ikea kitchen, that pretty much convinced us to go with Ikea.

project hater said...

I have the ikea stat cabinets, and while they look great when they are first installed, they don't wear well. The white finish on the doors has chipped over time, allowing the press board to swell. That being said, the cabinets themselves are great, but I will be considering solid wood doors at a later date.

techhandyman said...

Have your tried taking them back to Ikea? From what we have read online Ikea is really good about honoring their 25 year warranty on kitchen cabinets & doors.

project hater said...

We have tried to take them back, but I believe there is a limited warranty at least on the stat style. I cannot remember the reason they gave, but we tried several times to exchange them to no avail. At this point we have to deal with them until we can replace all the doors.

Laraib said...

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