Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cabinets *check*

So we headed to Ikea today to order our cabinets. It was not a great experience. First we found out that our design fit *too* good (ie. we had 0 inches to spare which meant we risked it not fitting while installing). So we had to shave 3 inches off of our design. To do this we switched out the 15 inch cabinet next to the stove for a 12 inch one with a pull out that will hold baking sheets etc. We then got to wait around for them to enter in our order. Although the planner claims to give you a whole shopping list they will calculate what you need based on your cabinets and add all the filler pieces etc. So in the end we were given a crazy incomprehensible list of bits and pieces for the kitchen. This all would have been tolerable except that we found out that the home planner you use at home apparently gives a really crappy estimate on price. Even between the plan the Ikea staff member made and the final order there was about a $300 difference. If it wasn't still half the price of Home Depot I'd be more mad. As it is I'm just pretty annoyed.

Here is the design we ended up with.


Lindsay said...

Looks like it will be fantatic! I have yet to venture into the "how much kitchens cost" avenue - but if it's 1/2 the cost of Home Depot...pop open a bottle of champagne. ;) Cheers to getting that checked off your list.

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Nice design! Yes, always have to leave some wiggle room in the kitchen - in the design and the budget :) Hope your install is quick and easy.

vez said...

While waiting to pick up some wardrobes at Ikea in the summer, I watched 2-3 people cart out with their kitchen orders and remember thinking "wow, that looks confusing". I'm sure you'll have a plan and will do fine ... it's just funny seeing an entire kitchen on a shopping cart. We're very happy with our wardrobes though, which were actually just a pair of tall Adel kitchen cabinets.

Good luck with your order.

Deb said...

Good luck with your installation! Hope its not too complicated.

Adrian said...

It's not actually as bad as it looks, once you start putting bits together. We walked out with a cartload of bits and pieces, but it didn't take much to actually figure it out.

Congratulations. I enjoyed the install process, and I think you will too!