Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So close... yet so far....

So after 3 weeks we might be getting electrical redone in our main floor this week (hopefully). Our electrician hurt his leg so things have been stalled out for a while.

In this waiting period we've started getting things in order so that when the electrician is done we can get our drywall up in the living and dining rooms ASAP. We've been busy figuring out jam extenders, blow in insulation, getting taping quotes. Next up, floor refinishing and window quotes!

In unrelated not so current news, we got our shower kit set up. We had splurged on a shower that had the telephone attachment on it to make cleaning our dog easier. Two doggy baths later and we can say, it was worth every penny!

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Leon Kiriliuk said...

Thanks for doing this blog. Really helps us other new home owners. I do have a small request for you. If possible, will you be willing to share costs? For example, what does it cost to rewire an entire house? etc. Keep up the great blog posts!