Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let there be light...

Finally we have made some progress on a part of the house we can see. After 3 weeks of our electrician not showing up we booked someone else. We waited a long time before rebooking because the first electrician had given us a really low quote. Once we rebooked (at a higher price :\) things moved significantly faster! About a week after meeting our electrician we now have a rewired house. This is the first change we've made to the house that has a real positive impact on things we can see.

Here are some pictures of our shiny new wiring. Ok... it's not that shiny right now. We're hoping to hang some drywall this weekend so the pot lights have regular bulbs in about half of them and the other half have no bulbs. Even in this state though they make a huge difference. Our main hallway used to have no lights and adding 2 potlights to it made has helped make it look bigger and less grungy.