Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dreaming of Bathroom...

This project is a long way off, but I am really anticipating having a bathroom that does not have a hole in the floor. Sometimes Bren gets on my case about dreaming about next projects when currently the main floor barely has walls. I have to argue though, that it's kind of like when people are in a situation where they don't have food for a long time and they dream about the next meal they will have. Any who... this is my dream for the bathroom...

Originally we were planning light blue/white really spa like and pristine like out old bathroom (below)

The plan hasn't changed too much. There's still gonna be lots of white. But now I'm leaning towards more yellowy off-white/white/black for a color scheme. Below are some inspiration pictures for various aspects of our room.

Floor (Our Fixer Upper)
Vanity (Rona's Odessa 2 door)
Light fixture (Home Depot)
Shower kit (E-bay)

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