Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shower Enclosure

Since we are going to want to take showers right away once we move into the new place we were looking at many different places where we might be able to pick up a shower enclosure. We found the perfect one here from It has a nice faucet along with a telephone shower attachment for when our little dog needs a bath, and it is a tub wall mount(like our existing one at right).

Fortunately we asked the good people at ourcastle how their order from vintage tubs went and they reminded us why UPS sucks for shipping to Canada(see comments). So we went hunting all over the internet for a shower enclosure that included a telephone attachment for less than 1000$. This search proved to very difficult, all the sites that listed a similar item linked back to I had almost given up finding one and just forking over the 300$ in 'brokerage fees' to UPS and then I found this on ebay!

It seems like it will be perfect, it even comes with supply lines which will eventually save us over 200$.

After purchasing this on ebay I received a reply from the folks at vintagetub from a question I had sent them earlier and it turns out that they will ship using Fed-Ex or USPS upon request after all. I replied and suggested that they make this clearer on their website and informed them of the hazards of shipping to Canada with UPS.

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