Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Work hard play hard

The long weekend was a great break for us. No renovations got done and much fun was had.

First off we hosted a Mad Men themed cocktail party. We really like to entertain so it was fun to finally have a party in our house. At the request of one of our friends we made it a formal affair so everyone dressed nice and had some tasty snacks and cocktails.

Then for Valentine's day we were off to Colborne Lane . It was a good meal with some molecular gastronomy tricks to boot. After Alinea in Chicago it wasn't totally mind-blowing but still pretty good for TDot.

Today was back to work :P and tomorrow is the energy audit... then we'll see what we get up to next.


LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Looks like a great party! can't wait to hear the results of the audit - I'm sure it will be a huge improvement!

Unknown said...

hey there -- non-home-reno related question -- what's your review of colborne lane? i have been wanting to go, but would love to hear what you thought!!

416fixerupper said...

Colborne Lane was pretty good. It was Valentine's day so I would expect on normal nights it would only be better than what we experienced.

The food was all really good. Relative to a place like Alinea I think the chef took less risks and stuck to things he knew so everything was executed really well. So while it was technically good the food overall wasn't terribly exciting. A low-light was a crab croquette with way more potato than crab and a highlight was some bubble gum ice cream flavored like cinnamon hearts. The ice cream was probably the show stopping dish of the evening. I can't help but wonder if the less daring menu was a risk mitigation strategy for the busy holiday though.

The service was ok, our server tucked our wine away out of sight and didn't let us know when we were on our last glass so we were really disappointed when we got to dessert and the wine abruptly stopped. Never mind that we could see a bottle that looked identical to ours that still had a good amount in it (not saying it was ours but it looked really suspicious...). Instead of putting things right quietly the server magically made 2 more glasses of wine appear from this "other bottle" and guilted us saying that it had been someone elses bottle that had been left over from earlier in the night.

Overall I'd say it was a pretty good meal and worth the $$. I'm definitely hoping we can make it back to see what they're like on a normal night.