Saturday, February 27, 2010

The beginnings of the upstairs hall/stairs/entryway project

With our final energy audit out of the way we're putting the basement back on hold for now and moving back upstairs.

Our next project is our upstairs hall, stairs and entry way. These are our last above-grade spaces that haven't been fixed yet. The plan is to skim coat the plaster on the walls in the hall and drywall the ceiling and walls around the stair case. Skim coating the hallway walls was motivated by a desire to avoid door jam issues that come up when drywalling over the plaster. None of the walls are external so this seemed like the best way to go.

So far we've gotten almost all the wall paper down on the walls that will be skim coated. Tomorrow and during the week we're planning to prep for drywall. With the rest of the space finished, its a little disturbing to see parts of it partially destroyed. We're also having to be more careful to make sure we don't mess up the things we've already done... the joys of living in a house and renovating 1 space at a time :oP.

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