Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend baking

We had another weekend with no progress on the house. Instead we made cupcakes and butter scotch sticky buns

Since last week we also had our energy audit. It went pretty well and it looks like we should get all our rebates back. Our neighbours that were just getting the rebate for the furnace didn't get bothered much, but since we are trying to get rebates for a window, insulation, furnace and hot water heater we got asked for receipts. We have most of them... somewhere... We've tried to be methodical, but inevitably in all the shuffling of boxes around the receipts stash has gotten buried.

Next week we're hoping to start on our next project... the stair way. The last part of the house with "old lady pink". We're looking forward to the final "de-pinking" of the house.


vez said...

Wow ... I didn't know they would ask for receipts. I have been trying to keep all of ours, but don't exactly have them organized. Glad to hear it worked out for you guys.

Michelle said...

hmm, did you guys buy windows and install yourself, or get someone to do that? any recommendations for windows in the gta? looking at replacing 2 basement windows and a bedroom. thanks!

416fixerupper said...

When we first moved in we got all our windows replaced (except the kitchen which we took care of ourselves). We went with "Royal Deluxe Windows & Doors". You can find their # in the list here: . Our sales rep was Val.