Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dirty business!

After a couple of months living with our toilet choices we figured it is time to weigh in on their performance.

Basement bathroom: American Standard Cadet 3

- ~$180
- Round bowl
- 2 piece
- map score: 1000
Overall we're pretty happy with this toilet. It's flushing power is really awesome. It also has a high water spot. The water spot was a big deal for me. In our last place we had one toilet with a high water spot and one with a low water spot, and the one was filthy a lot of the time. Given that this toilet was in our basement bathroom, it's size and price were also big selling factors. The main downside of this toilet is that it's bowl is a quite small. Larger people may not be so comfortable on this toilet.

Upstairs bathroom: Kohler Archer
- ~$350
- Elongated bowl
- Comfort height
- 2 piece
- map score: 800
This toilet came to us by chance. We were planning on getting the Cadet 3 in it's 1 piece version for upstairs, but saw that the Kohler was a similar price and it matches our vanity. Surprisingly this toilet extends the same distance from the wall as the smaller Cadet 3 (this was a big surprise!). It's basic performance is good. The map score so far has been adequate and it also has a nice high water spot. The comfort height is not so comfy for shorter people, but overall it's not a huge down fall. The main point I'd fault this toilet on is the design of the mechanism inside the tank. The chain attached to the flusher lever wraps around the lever very easily. This results in the toilet filling and filling and filling until the problem is rectified. We had a bad situation where this occured before bed and the thing wasted water all night long (all the cold water pipes in our house were dripping with condensation :oS). A quick fix with a paper clip fixed the issue, but to have to "doctor" a toilet in this price range is kind of pathetic :oP

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