Saturday, August 8, 2009

New favourite tile store!

In our quest for cheaper tile options, today we found a really great resource in our neck of the woods. The Tile Store is at 20 Bermondsey Rd (conveniently close to a Peak Freans outlet store ;oD). Their selection is pretty good and their prices are decently low. The service was also really good. When we told them what we were looking for they showed us a few options including a few where the price had some "wiggle room". It definitely saved us alot of time digging through piles of tile.

Here are the tiles we picked up:
3x6 polished carrera backsplash.

12x24 ivory travertine floor tile. We weren't aiming for stone on the floor, but this stuff was significantly cheaper than alot of the porcelain options we were looking at.


Lindsay said...

I'm glad you found our fav little tile store! And yes, it doesnt hurt it's by the cookie outlet. :)

We picked similar tiles for our bathroom makeover!

Lisa said...

Hey! We used the same travertine tiles on our bathroom floor! I love them. Are you going to use the in-floor heating too? We did and love it.