Sunday, July 26, 2009

Granite Shopping

Yesterday was a marathon day for granite shopping. We checked out 4 places in total. The first two places, and City Home Granite Depot specialize in prefabricated granite. These are granite pieces that are pre-cut into straight counter top pieces. Since the polishing and cutting are done before the granite is shipped the cost for this type of granite tends to be quite a bit lower than places that cut/polish the slabs on site. Both of these places had good scores on HomeStars (1,2) so we had some confidence that either would do a decent job.

The last 2 places we looked at were Lowes (specifically their Blanco Leblon granite) and Granite and Cabinet Depot . Lowes granite was one of the prettier ones we looked at, but price ruled it out. Then the last place we looked, Granite and Cabinet Depot was recommended by one of our neighbours who had his kitchen done by them and was happy with price/quality. Their granite was comparable price to the other places we looked, but the selection was not quite as good as the other places.

So, here are the finalists for our granite. We were torn between Black Galaxy and Kashmir White. While shopping we found out that Kashmir White is a couple hundred dollars cheaper than black granite. We're now leaning more towards it, but we're still a bit worried about it staining.
1. Kashmir White from City Home Granite, 2. Snow White Quartz from City Home Granite, 3. Kashmir White from Toronto Granite, 4. Black Galaxy from Toronto Granite, 5. Absolute Black from City Home Granite.

Right now 3 is in the lead. The price looks good and in general Toronto Granite made a better impression on us than the other places we visited.


Anonymous said...

It think number 3 is a great choice. Black might be too much contrast to your cupboards.

Valerie said...

I can't help but giving my vote, as well. hope you don't mind ?!
I'd go for the number 5, this is a personal choice. I've always thought a black counter is a must. depending on your cabinet color of course...

Unknown said...

Found this blog randomly just now. I'm not sure what kind of cabinets you have, but I have Black Galaxy counters with white cabinets and guests always comments on how much they love the counters. (Everyone loves the little sparkly specks in it.)
So my vote is for Black Galaxy. :)

Unknown said...

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