Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tiles for basement bathroom

Today we went to Olympia tile to pick up some tile for the basement bathroom. We ended up getting a 4"x8" white subway tile. We had hoped to find some floor tile there too, but they didn't have anything that could match the Depot's 99 cents a square foot ceramic. We're trying to do this bathroom for as little $$ as possible, so we'll probably compromise on the flooring style to keep it within our current budget.

Overall we were pretty impressed with Olympia tile. This was our first time going after reading about it in many local blogs. For identical items Olympia was cheaper than Home Depot and the amount of styles was amazing. We're pretty excited to get on to the main bathroom/kitchen where we'll have a bit more budget to work with. :o)

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Unknown said...

I need to finish a bathroom that was partially complete when we moved into this home. What is a durable tile that I can use for the floor that will hold up well with children?