Friday, March 27, 2009

Shower door installed...

No pictures today... just pure unadulterated frustration. After 3 hours of cursing and staring at instructions that may as well have been printed in Greek we finally got the shower door installed. We got a Maax unit from Home Depot because it was cheap and short for our low ceiling basement bathroom... but oh boy was putting it together an exercise in frustration. We had about 2 screws strip so bad we had to use vice grips to screw/unscrew them (when the directions lead us astray). We also had about 2 screws where the heads just fell off them. Seriously, what the hell, the heads just fell off the screw as we were screwing them in. Then there was directions to put screws through 2 pieces of metal when only 1 of the pieces of metal had a predrilled hole.


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