Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stairs update

This weekend we started working on revamping the stair treads/risers. We removed the carpeting we had added as a temporary fix last year, and cut the nosing off the existing treads. They were all pretty warped and some had split, so revitalizing them was out of the question.

We then spend the better part of yesterday cutting the new oak veneer treads we picked up at Rona to clad the old stairs. The old treads were far from square (of course) so cutting the treads took pretty much all day. Today we used construction adhesive to put on half of the stairs. Since we need to get to our bed room and the bathroom (the basement one is currently acting as a storage closet... but that's another post...) we could only put them on 1/2 at a time. We will also have to stain them 1/2 at a time :P the joys of living in your reno... Here is a picture of the first round of stairs. We ran out of paint cans to hold them down so we used some beer bottles we had near by.

Since sticking the stairs on didn't take too long, one of us finally got to start a much-needed craft project. We're computer geeks and cannot live without a computer to feed content to our TV. So to get rid of the unsightly box we bought an antique radio to build a computer inside of it. It's a long way from completion, but at least it's started now.

On an unrelated note, the part for our dishwasher was backordered and finally came in. The repairman is coming back this Wednesday. Lets hope it will work! I'm hoping to have the guts to geek out on him and ask to take a picture of what the new part looks like to show you all. ;0)

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