Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dishwasher update

For those who haven't been following, the beginning of the dishwasher saga can be found here.

The technician just left. I didn't get a picture before he did the repair, but the basic idea was to replace the whole inside door panel. It now has some extra holes on the inside to help the steam to vent out the bottom as opposed to out the side of the door. This issue seems to be common when our Frigidaire dishwasher is installed at the end of a run.

(the rectangle made of holes is new)

We will monitor it when we do dishes next and update this post with the results.

*Update* we've run the dishwasher through a couple of times and it appears to have worked. We checked along side the dishwasher while it was running and the side of the cupboard was dry. The new fix vents more air downwards, so it might not work for people with wooden floors, but steam on our tile is preferable to steam on the Ikea cupboards.

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Jen and Dave said...

We'll be interested to hear if the new door solves the problem. It's nice to hear that Frigidaire is finally taking responsibility for the design flaw!