Friday, January 8, 2010

Thinking about digging?

While you're at it, why not add a couple of levels under your house as a catacombs?

Our ventures into the basement of our house reminded me of a home renovation article we stumbled upon a few months back. We will not be trying to build a catacombs, but this article's easy to follow instructions of how to build your own catacombs is fairly amusing and got us thinking about fun things you could do with a catacombs.

In our case, our neighbors are all pretty friendly, so adding an underground tunnel would cut down on those walks to visit people when it's cold out (like it is now!). It could also increase living space instead of adding levels above ground. A quick Google search for "catacombs inspiration pictures" turns up many macabre options for catacombs decor (human remains etc), but really with the right decorating aesthetic (and probably copious amounts of benjamin moore cloud white) a catacombs could become a great modern living space.

Tips from the how-to article include the following, #3 is our fav.
  • Be wary of underground utility wires and pipelines. Be smart and check with the city or county before you dig.
  • Rain delays projects like these and a sump pump needs to be available just in case it rains to prevent flooding.
  • Set a date for an opening of your catacomb party for close friends and family members. It's time to celebrate for all your hard work and dedication.
  • Building a catacomb underneath your basement takes a lot of brawn, yet you must remember how sacred a project like this is.

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