Monday, September 14, 2009

Green Machines

After getting a couple of quotes we replaced our old furnace and hot water tank. We got an incredible deal on this Goodman furnace:

We were originally going to compromise and get a cheaper 92% efficiency Trane furnace (with no DC motor so it would get the smallest rebate) but at the last second our installer got a sweet deal on the Goodman 95% efficiency with a DC 2 stage electric motor. This model qualifies for the maximum rebate available so in the end it will come out to being less than we had originally budgeted for the lower end Trane. This should help bring our gas bill down in December! One thing we didn't realize is that these high efficiency furnaces produce a good amount of condensation when they are running so it is recommended that a drain be located nearby. Since we intend to relocate the washer and dryer nearby, when we run the drain for that we will put in a floor drain for the furnace.

For our water heater we got this Rinnai tankless hot water heater:

It is great to have the massive hot water tank out of the basement; and now we will never run out of hot water again. I had to open it up and change one of the jumper settings to let us set it above 120 degrees fahrenheit but after I changed that it gets the water nice and hot. It delivers a more consistent temperature than our old hot water heater that would gradually get less hot as the shower went on.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! We just got the same Goodman furnace. We haven't switched the Hot Water tank yet. Let me know after a few weeks how you like yours. We are thinking of getting one.

techhandyman said...

So far we are pretty happy with it. Waiting for it to ramp up takes some getting used to, but overall its pretty great. It is able to heat the water hotter than we had our old tank set at so definitely no complaints there! If you want to get a quote from our guy just let us know, he is excellent and incredibly cheap.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so just checking in again. Still happy with your tankless water heater? Any recommendations, feedback or advice?
Could you kindly pass along your installers info? The time has come for us to get one.