Friday, September 4, 2009

Going Green

Yes dear readers, we've finally gotten a home energy audit done. Given that we need a new hot water tank and furnace we figured it was time to bite the bullet and find out how inefficient our house is.

We haven't gotten our final report back yet, but the rebates available are impressive. We knew about the furnace and hot water tank rebates, but we also learned that we can get $80 for the window and door we put in our kitchen. We can also get $1,250 for framing and insulating our basement. Given that this is a task we could do ourselves, we suspect the cost will be less than the rebate to get this task done (*yippee*). It may also provide the much needed motivation to actually finish the basement.

We also learned that there is money up for grabs if you decrease air leaks. Air leakage is measured by doing a blower test where they seal the house and run a fan in the front door that measures how much air it sucks (or something to that effect). They feed this data to a computer program that will tell effectively how big of a hole in our house all the tiny leaks add up to. There is money up for grabs for decreasing the size of this hole by a certain percentage. Given that the remaining electrician holes in the kitchen are a huge source of leakage re-doing the kitchen should help us make a huge dent in our air leakage. Things like caulking around trim and sealing electrical boxes also helps.

We're really excited to see the official report that will tell us our actual efficiency number and we look forward to increasing it over the next few months!

In the mean time we're lining up furnace quotes *woo*.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
We just had our oil furnace removed (the beast!) and a new high efficiency one put in. We were happy with the company we used (laird & sons). Good luck. we met with a lot of people and got a lot of different info.

Blogger said...

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