Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finishing up...

This weekend we really got back into the swing of things and got quite a few little tasks done. We're working towards being able to start our next project.

Living Room/Dining Room
Since last weekend we finished up most of the trim in these room. Before Christmas we had just installed the baseboards and door casings. We've finally finished the window trim, and quarter round as well as patching and painting them. Below is a before and after of the window trim on our larger window.

We also unpacked our stained glass and hang it in the window.


Most of today was spent getting the basement in order. We've been using it as a workshop for the past 4 months so everything was covered in dust. Also, since we started renovating right after we moved in there were half unpacked boxes all over the place. Now it is a bit cleaner and more functional.

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