Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Main floor update + picking colors for the guest room

The grate(s) we ordered arrived at The Door Store this past week, so we finished up the flooring and got the majority of the downstairs trim done this weekend. Given that we have a guest room to redo before the holidays this is likely it for the main floor for a bit. We've started making the space a bit festive for the holidays with a tree and some furniture.

The guest bedroom has been on hold for a bit while we finished up the main floor. We had a bit of a rush since our neighbor that lent us most of the tools needed them back today. Tomorrow we'll be starting up with insulation and putting some drywall in the holes. Then it's on to durabond and 2 coats of sheetrock.

We did pick up some paint chips today. Trinity has an eye for color and decided to help us out with our selection.

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vez said...

Looking good ... I love the new floor grate!