Sunday, November 16, 2008

living room progress

this weekend was a good one for the living/diningroom. they got a nice layer of underlay and 2/3rds of the floor covered in hardwood. the living room is now clean enough to house furniture which is pretty cool. we are a little early bringing furniture back into the space since there is still a lot to be done but we had to get it out of the way of another project (a guest bedroom for a certain pair of parents that are bravely coming to share christmas with us).

Below are some pictures of the living room before, during and now.

Before we moved in.

Right after we moved in, trying to make it livable.
This was quickly destroyed by our need for new wiring.

Fixing the walls up with some drywall. We would have liked to tear down all the plaster and lathe but given our hectic schedules and the fact that we had to live in the space that wasn't really an option.

Mid-way through flooring. Even renovators need to eat!

After moving some furniture back in and putting up drapes. Still a lot of work ahead but the space is comfortable now.

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Things are looking good!