Monday, November 24, 2008

Flooring + the next project...

The days until Christmas are ticking down alarmingly fast. We have a set of parents showing up on Dec. 23 and are hoping to get quite a bit done between now and then.

Main Floor:

Hardwood is nearly done. We're just waiting on a table saw from our neighbor and a new grate from The Door Store to finish it up. Our floor plan meant that we started flooring in one part (the line between the dining/living rooms) and had to meet it back up with itself the hallway doorway. We were a bit nervous about the meet up but it all worked out and looks really great.

The Next Project: Guest Bedroom

A brave set of parents is showing up on Dec. 23. This is what our guest bedroom looks like right now. Our plan is to remove the wall paper, patch the holes/skim coat, paint and cram it full of Ikea goodness. I feel a renovation all-nighter coming on...

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