Monday, June 8, 2009

Pictures of Adel White Kitchens

We're still in the process of picking our kitchen cabinet maker, but since adding Ikea to the list of contenders (specifically their Adel White cabinet) we've been scouring the Internet for pictures of kitchens that use these cabinets. We really like the price of Ikea and how it looks in store, but we wanted to see how they've turned out for other renovators.

Here are some of the nicer examples we've found.

From supershoppertoo on Flickr.

from Bytown House

From: StillG10

full backsplash

A search for "Adel White Kitchen" on Flickr is also a great source of Adel White Kitchen Pics.


vez said...

I really like the Adel white cabinets ... good choice. We are actually in the process of installing two tall Adel cabinets in our nursery (the Pax wardrobe cabinets were too wide, so we went with kitchen cabinets instead). The installation is easy enough.

Let us know if you want any details regarding our kitchen reno ... we'd be happy to share. We looked at Ikea, Home Depot and Home Hardware for our cabinets, but decided to spend a little more on custom cabinets. There are a few things we wanted that would have been difficult with big block stores, like towering, posts on the island, wood cabinets, etc. We also wanted crown moulding and didn't want to install that ourselves. I would highly recommend you take a look at Cardinal Fine Cabinetry, but they're in London, so it might be too difficult for you guys to meet with them. We were going back and forth between two "okay" layouts ( and didn't make much progress in talking to designers at HD, HH and a cabinet place in Toronto, and then we met with Greg at Cardinal and he came up with a much improved layout that we love (

Anyways, good luck planning.

Leon Kiriliuk said...

Ikea does make pretty good cabinets, for the cost. The only thing you should be aware of is their installation services. It's not the best. You're better off having you/one of your contractors do the install. It's really a hit/miss with Ikea since they contract out the work themselves.

Pip said...

thanks for the heads up about their install services. we were thinking about paying for it.. but we're pretty anal so if they're not so good we'll probably do it ourselves if we go with ikea.