Friday, May 22, 2009

Master Bedroom update

This room hasn't been mentioned for a while in this blog.. mainly because progress on it ground to a halt while we built/renovated 2 bathrooms. The master bedroom served as a handy place to store building material and work on construction while we redid the upstairs bathroom, but now that the bathroom is done it is time that this room finally gets finished. Having to spend 2 nights in this room (with the old clawfoot tub in the corner of it!) while a friend visited really drove this point home.

While renovating/building the bathrooms we were reminded how much easier drywall is than skim coating. While we hate to waste the time we spent trying to skim coat this room... the promise of perfect walls for the price of a couple days of drywalling work is pretty tempting. (A word of advice to any other would be home renovators... learn to plaster/drywall. This will save you scads of $$ and with practice it isn't that hard.)

Here is the bedroom while it was a workshop:

Since we decided to do drywall in this room we figured it would be a good idea to bash down the non-insulated external wall and add some insulation to it. Here is the progress today:

Tomorrow we will be heading to "the depot" bright and early to buy scads of quarter/half inch drywall. *yay* At least the DIY delivery option is pretty cheap ($20 van rental :D )

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