Friday, October 24, 2008

Windows and Floor

It's been an exciting week for the house. We had our windows installed. We went with Royal Deluxe windows on the recommendation of one of our neighbors and they turned out pretty good. The windows are pretty standard white vinyl single hung, except the large livingroom window where we went with a bottom slider. Here are some pictures of the new windows in action.

pewter mullion borders in the master bedroom.

large living room window

The frosted glass in the bathroom meant we could get rid of the ugly curtains which helps open up the space... now to do something about that "light fixture".. this room is next on our list. :P

In other news, our hardwood was delivered today. We got excited an laid a bit of it out.

Unfortunately our walls still look like this, so the hardwood is going nowhere fast. This house is definitely an exercise in patience!

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