Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What's that smell?

So after arriving and looking around the place we had two main questions...

What have we gotten ourselves into?
What's that smell?

After pondering the first for a bit we figured we should try to answer the latter. As best we can figure the previous owner was letting his dogs do their business on the porch (and who knows where else). The porch smelled pretty bad (like pee) and I'm glad we came through the back door when we first got to the place or I may have just burst into tears.

So... despite all plans to not tear things apart in the first few days we ended up removing some nasty green carpet and padding/paper from the porch. It's now a bit more habitable and just smells old.

Nasty green carpet

Halfway gone.

Some old news papers

After. The porch still doesn't smell great and needs a proper gutting. But for now it will do. The slate blue color it was painted is kind of neat. Maybe we'll try to work it in when we get around to fixing it up.

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