Sunday, November 29, 2009


There hasn't been much to blog about lately. Since finishing the kitchen we've been mainly tidying up the house, cooking/baking, and keeping busy with school/work. We also took a weekend trip to Quebec as a break from the house.

One project that did get us to pick up a power tool (ok the one of us who was determined to be the only house on our street with Christmas lights) was hanging Christmas lights on our porch. When we got our house rewired the electrician offered us external GFCI outlets on the front/back but we only got one on the back since we couldn't think of why we would need one on the front. Then came Christmas time and we realized why having a GFCI on the front of the house is a good idea (lights!). Luckily by now we're confident enough with our electrical skillz that we were able to add the new outlet ourselves. And here is the result:

Much more festive than last year :o)


micah said...

I'm impressed by your electrical skillz.... the lights look great!

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

It's good to be festive ... especially if no one else on the street is ... lights look great.