Friday, June 21, 2013

East Village Gem!

So I have been in New York for a few months and I am still very much enjoying the vibrancy of life in this fast paced city. We have mostly finished with decorating the apartment and overall it has come out quite nicely. We went for a modern look with some vintage touches, we still need some more art for the walls but overall we are pretty much complete.

Our apartment is a 2 bedroom 2 bath(yes a 2 bedroom apartment in NYC!) in the East Village which is a very hip and interesting part of NYC with many bars/restaurants to try out. There is even a nearby park that boast the city's very first dog run where our little Trinity meets many friends in the park specifically for small dogs. Also an amazing feature for a Manhattan apartment is en-suite laundry which is incredibly rare as this is a feature that only 10% of Manhattanites have.

I will be doing a few more blog posts on some of my favorite elements in the rooms but for now some pictures!

 Living Room(my favorite room):

 Dining Room:


Guest Bedroom:

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Location & New Life

So it has been nearly two years since our last post and a lot has happened both with the house and our lives. Things ended up not quite going to plan with the house, my ex-wife and I separated and went our separate ways and therefore the house needed to be sold. We managed to fully finish all the critical elements of the house before we sold and all of our work paid off when it sold. The house ended up inspiring a frenzy of interest and eventually went to the highest bidder with 14 bids and substantially above the asking price.

I have now moved on and taken my tools to a brand new city where my new girlfriend and I are mainly furnishing and fixing up our new apartment and helping out some friends with their small projects in our spare time.

Here are a couple pictures from the roof deck of our apartment, its an amazing location in the east village: