Thursday, June 5, 2008

Home Inspection - the good, the bad, the ugly.

Some pics from the home inspection.

The Good:

front door
claw foot tub
hardwood floors

The Bad:

draining into non-existent weeping tilelead connection to the water main.

The Ugly

the stack.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Whirlwind Home inspection

So I am back from Toronto after catching the red eye out of Calgary at 12:40 am then turning around and catching a 6 am flight back the next day. The home inspection went well but served to point out how much there really is to do on the house. Apparently there is a lot of maintenance that hasn't been done so there are a lot of smaller jobs that need to be done to rectify that.

So here are some of the most major things the inspector found on his tour. One of the scariest things was the fact that the water supply pipe is made of lead this will not only be dangerous but it will also restrict water flow and mess with our water pressure. The basement was a little damp but that was traced back to a few problems that are pretty easily remedied. Turns out the front porch is probably beyond salvage and will have to be replaced as it is falling off the house. The main stack has begun to rust out and must be replaced, eewww. The brick needs to be 'tuckpointed' in a great many places. As expected the whole place is wired on knob and tube at 60 amp so that has to be replaced right away. the siding needs to be re-sealed where it meets the brick. The downspout needs to be directed away from the weeping tile(that probably doesn't exist after 100 years). A couple of the basement windows need to be replaced at some point. The house should be re-treated for termites(no termite activity found but being pro-active is good). Some of the flooring upstairs is a little damaged and may have to be fixed but we wern't sure if we could save it anyways.

On the upside we found no structural problems and there is even insulation in the atic! The clawfoot tub is in pretty good shape.

So yeah... lots to do when we get there but we should be able to get them done.