Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yard update

Between rain and holidays our yard took us a while to get done. It's now pretty much done with the exception of the shed that we still need to install.

The deck with the super cheap patio set we got from Home Depot and lounge set from Canadian Tire. We really enjoy having dinner/cocktails out here when it's not 40 degrees C. :D

View of the yard from the deck. To the left is grass for our dog. To the right is our "car-shaped patio". It'll be useful for parking on and will be good entertaining space for parties etc. One thing we figured out after removing our shed that our lot is 20' wide and we have a pretty ridiculously huge yard (for inner city Toronto anyways ... ;)

We made paths to go around the front of the deck and walkup....

...which lead us to build a funky modern shaped planter bed.

So that's the yard for now. Up next.. waterproofing (we're hiring that one out.. we've had enough digging for one life time) then the basement.